Turtle Reunion

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The turtles were getting together for a photo, but a bird scattered them all over the place! How will the photographer get them back and looking nice for a good picture?

This solitaire-like game uses origami instead of cards to make a game that's fun for everyone! The rules are simple and every game is winnable, but that doesn't mean the harder modes will be easy!

This game can be completely free and it's always without the annoyance of ads interrupting your experience. And you can play it all day long without hearts depleting or timers or anything!

Here is a list of the features in the paid app which you miss by having the free version:
- Undo does not cost balloons
- Only 5 balloons are needed for a balloon maneuver

Maybe consider getting the paid app to support my family as well as getting those features! I would appreciate it! I really considered making the extra features as in-app purchases, which would probably make more money overall, but then they wouldn’t be sharable with Family Sharing. This way, you buy all the upgrades at once, and your whole family gets them all, too! It’s way better this way!

I made this myself! All artwork was done as pictures of origami that I folded. All music was composed and all instruments were played by myself. I did all the programming, too! And while that is neat, it might mean you find some bugs. Send me a message or make a (preferably kind) comment to let me know of them, please!

Thanks so much,

Mike Iverson

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